Donuts and All the Deliciousness That One Little Word Implies

Please allow me to confess to you my dark little secret.  I love donuts.  I love soft, warm, crisp-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside, yeasty donuts.  Let me apologize here and now for this, but it has to be said – I DO NOT MEAN THOSE GAWD AWFUL DUNKIN DONUTS.  Whew… I feel better now.  Sorry for the shouting.

I’m a Houston girl and I adore Shipley Donuts.  Does anyone remember donut runs at 1 am because you cannot survive without that sugar rush?  I do.  And if you ever went to the one at the corner of Uvalde and went through the drive through you’ll remember seeing the fellas in there making donuts. 

Yup, that’s them. 

Well, New England doesn’t have Shipley.  It also doesn’t have decent barbecue, texmex, Mexican or Italian (ok, it’s got Italian but it’s kinda gross), but we are sticking to donuts today.  Sure, they actually have Dunkin Donuts, and according to Rachel Ray America Runs on Dunkin but Rachel Ray is a topic for another time.  And if America really does run on Dunkin it’s little mystery why they are all so pissy up here.  But that’s a topic for another blog altogether.  Let’s just say Dunkin is not my idea of donuts and let the dead bury the dead.

I know there is a large group that is loyal to Krispy Kreme, but I have to tell you, those things are instant heartburn for little ole me.  One bite and I’m ready to lay down and die.  Although they do come in quite handy when you’re driving home from Mohegan Sun at 2 am.  Fortunately I’m close enough to Mohegan that when the sugar crash strikes I’m usually brushing my teeth and ready for bed.

Well, I’ve been searching high and low here in southern Connecticut for a delicious donut and I have finally found something so delicious it makes my beloved Shipley pale.  There’s a little bakery in Orange called Julia’s, and Julia turns out this tender puff of dough called a kettle donut.  I have looked through all the dusty corners of the internet for a recipe and I am at a loss.  These donuts are soft pillows of fried dough that are lightly crisp on the outside and tender, rich and perfect on the inside.

I had planned to be a good blogger and have pictures of these beautiful creatures but… um… well… pardon me while I wipe the Courtney Love lipstick smear of sugar off my happy, smiling face.  Below is a picture of what I think is the dough, because no other pastry she offers has this same rich, golden color.  I think it might be the eggs but I may be wrong.

So if you find yourself on I95 around Exit 41 (and if you are on I95 at any time of day you are likely stuck in a ridiculous snarl of traffic FOR NO REASON AT ALLLLLLLL) do yourself a favor, take the exit, go to Julia’s, get the donut – and a chocolate milk.


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